inNative WebAssembly Runtime

inNative is an AOT (ahead-of-time) compiler for WebAssembly that creates C compatible binaries, either as sandboxed plugins you can dynamically load, or as stand-alone executables that interface directly with the operating system. This allows webassembly modules to participate in C linking and the build process, either statically, dynamically, or with access to the host operating system. The runtime can be installed standalone on a user’s machine, or it can be embedded inside your program. It’s highly customizable, letting you choose the features, isolation level, and optimization amount you need for your use-case.

Join a team of webassembly enthusiasts working hard to make inNative a more viable target for compilers, and building better integration options for non-web embeddings in general. We maintain an active discord server, and post articles from community members on our website. If you find a bug, or your program can’t compile on inNative until we implement a specific feature, file an issue on GitHub so we can track the needs of developers.


The primary source of documentation for inNative is the GitHub Wiki, which lists all the externally accessible functions and how to use them. This wiki should be kept up to date, but always double-check the source code comments if something seems amiss. Feel free to file an issue if there is misleading or missing documentation.